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The Plyman

The Plyman Kids Step Stool, Stepladder, White

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The Plyman Kids Step Stool - this is more opportunities for the independence of your already grown baby in the room, kitchen bathroom. Children can use it as a ladder to reach the top of the bookshelf or as a small chair. Also, brushing their teeth on a step is much more convenient even for grown-up kids. Children can easily wash fruits in the kitchen sink without getting their sleeves wet. And look how many there are new opportunities for games: to arrange a terrace for dolls or a garage for cars.

The Plyman Kids Step Stool is made of eco-friendly high-quality material, the edges are perfectly polished, all the elements are rounded - so that your child is always safe and not injured when doing his own thing, helping adults, and learning about the world around him.

Step stool dimensions:
height - 13 in, width 13 in, depth 14.6 in.

The top of the step is 6.7 x 12.2 in,
Height from the floor:
1st step - 16.3 in, 2nd step - 12.6 in.