What is a Montessori Kitchen Helper Tower and what is it for?

What is a Montessori Kitchen Helper Tower and what is it for?

A Montessori Kitchen Helper Tower is a great way to encourage independence in your child. While you are cooking, they can complete their tasks and feel like they have been given a sense of responsibility. 

Montessori kitchen helper towers are designed to help children learn and develop skills in the kitchen. This tower has three different levels that can be used by kids to practice cooking skills such as measuring ingredients, pouring water into a container with a spout, stirring ingredients with a spoon, and even washing dishes.

Why the Montessori Kitchen helper's tower should be in every home with children:

  1. The Montessori Kitchen Tower is a great way for toddlers to explore the world around them
  2. It's also used by parents as an alternative to having their child sit on the floor while they're cooking or doing other household tasks
  3. The tower has three levels, with each level being about two feet off of the ground and spaced one foot apart from each other
  4. There are many benefits of using this piece of furniture - it provides a safe space for kids to play and learn at their own pace, it encourages independence and exploration, and most importantly it makes life easier for parents because they can keep an eye on their child without having to crouch down every few minutes
  5. Some people may think that this is just another toy but in reality, it's more than that - if you want your toddler to be independent in the future then start preparing them early by giving them opportunities like these!

Are you using the Montessori Kitchen Tower already? Or still, holding a baby in your arms during household chores in the kitchen?

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