Montessori Furniture: Montessori Cube Chairs for Children's Tables

Montessori Furniture: Montessori Cube Chairs for Children's Tables

     The Plyman is dedicated to providing quality, safe furniture for your children.  We understand that many parents are looking for ways to provide their kids with the best possible development environment, and we want you to know that our products can help!

     We offer a variety of different pieces of furniture, including cube chairs. Montessori Cube chairs are small enough for children's tables. They can fit into any sized home and be used in a variety of different areas, such as the kitchen or living room.

Montessori cube chairs

     The Plyman offers montessori cube chairs which can be used in 2 different seat  - at either eight inches or nine point five. 

cube chair

There is no need to purchase separate chairs when you have cube chairs from us! And if your child grows out of one height before another? No problem! You just turn them around and they become ideal again in the other size. This means that these cubes will last through childhood without ever becoming obsolete! When your kids start sitting on their own with ease, all our furniture has been designed so it won't tip over easily.

Montessori cube chair

And when the kids are asleep or in kindergarten, the cube chair can be used as a coffee table, meaning they can be used by both kids and adults alike!

Montessori cube Chair

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