Montessori chairs. How they can help to be successful in the future?

Montessori chairs. How they can help to be successful in the future?

     During the period of infancy children spend much time playing, exploring and learning. They learn about their surrounding world by what they see, feel, hear, taste and smell. During these first years it is important to create an environment that stimulates development through all senses for young child to be able to grow in a harmonious way.

     Parents need not only to provide a safe and comfortable chair, but also to choose the most suitable supporting furniture for their child.

     Our Montessori chairs are designed for children who can already sit unassisted, the chair has handles so they can move the chair independently. Children up to the age of three years will be able to play comfortably in this chair without parents worrying that the chair might fall on them while they play. Children will use the chair not only as a regular chair, but also as a table when you turn it over by hand. 

     It is important that children learn how to care for things while they are still very young, because they emulate what happens around them at home with their own toys and furniture later on in life. So it is not surprising that some people postpone buying for later, often due to the fact that they have not had experience making independent choices in childhood and therefore making decisions in adulthood is also not always easy. 

     Do you want to teach your children how to make decisions for themselves?

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