5 Reasons Why The Plyman Montessori Cube Chairs Are The Best Choice

5 Reasons Why The Plyman Montessori Cube Chairs Are The Best Choice

     All our furniture we started to create for our own children, trying to meet their needs in a comfortable, safe and developing environment. We decided to create furniture that would grow with them, but would not have complicated and dangerous sliding mechanisms. 

     The fact that children's furniture with sliding mechanisms requires special certification, led us to believe that such requirements are set for a reason and that sliding mechanisms can be dangerous, especially for small children. 

     The basic idea was to make the chairs as simple as possible, but comfortable and safe, and we turned our attention to the concept of the Montessori cube chair. 

     Thus, several problems were solved at once:

  1. These Montessori cube chairs are growing chairs. It is enough just to turn it the other way around and the height changes. The chair can have a seat height of 8 and 9,5 inches. Cube Chair
  2. The chair can be transformed into a table. For this too, you just need to turn it upside down and you get a table for children's games or Mom's coffee while the baby sleeps ;)  Cube Chairs
  1. If you choose a large size chair, it can be transformed into a large bench that can fit up to 3 little ones. Montessori Cube Chair
  2. Montessori Cube Tables and Montessori cube chairs do not take up much space. Smaller chairs can always be pushed under the table and save a lot of space.

 Montessori Cube Chairs

  1. The concept of allowing kids to change the purpose of the item is very engaging for children and you will quickly see how the kids table and kids chair, become elements of games, houses, car garages, bridges, etc. 

     Are you already familiar with the Montessori cube chairs idea? 

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