3 ways to Encourage Child's independence

3 ways to Encourage Child's independence

  1. Lead by example.

It starts with you, mom and dad! Make sure that you're the first ones to show the little one how to do everything from rolling off of a couch or bed, picking up after themselves, or even dressing themselves. Consistency is key here.

  1. Explain it in simple terms.

Find out what your child's interests are and work from there. For instance if they love animals start a conversation about them at home so they can see what certain animals eat for food and why or where they live particularly relevant if their favorite animal is a cat because cats have nine lives! 

  1. Encourage independence but remember safety comes first! 

If you involve your child in household chores in the kitchen, you should pay special attention to putting away dangerous and sharp objects, and prepare a comfortable place for the child, for which the Montessori Toddler Tower is excellent. Using it, the child will feel like an equal participant in the process, which is very valuable and will help to strengthen the child's self-confidence well

Kitchen Helper Tower For Toddlers

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