"Plyman for Kids"  is light and durable kids furniture created by parents

who happen to be child care experts. We love Montessori system and believe, that fun natural education in games provokes our kids thinking independently and creatively.

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Plywood: natural, non-toxic and 100% safe material

With premium plywood, you can rest assured that your children are safe from any harmful substances.

The safety features and quality make this a great buy for those who want peace of mind when playing with their kids in wet conditions
A E1 Class certified material will not only keep them dry but also discourage accidents by making sure they don't get cut or injured on sharp edges like other materials may do!

More about our producing
  • Amazing comprehensive top:

    Laminating is a great and untoxic way to make plywood more pleasant to touch and last longer. To laminate, we use heat and pressure to bind two sheets of wood together. This process makes the sheet stronger because it's denser, more durable. The surface becomes absolutelly smooth and polished. You thought it was just paint, right? No! We use 3 colors of laminating: white, grey and transparent.

  • Grinder with 5,000 rpm:

    One of the most special and unique features is that each Plyman item is made in a way so your baby can't hurt himself. We use a grinder with 5,000 rpm to make sure there are no splinters left at the plywood joints. The faster you go on this machine and press down harder for less time will just leave burns on plywood edge! That's why we strictly monitor the speed of the machine.

  • Waterproof and easy-cleaning:

    Waterproof and easy-cleaning:

    Children absolutely love playing in water! That's why our premium plywood E1 class is 100% safe for them, as it has a special lamination that allows the surface to be dry and clean quickly – wanna see how to eliminate eviadnces of color markers? Watch our short video!

Now you can trust your little helper to carry a cup of tea!

What are the three main things to keep in mind every day: ⁣

1. TIME ⁣
⁣YES, now all the processes take much longer. Of course, it is always easier to hastily feed, dress, take the baby somewhere in the stroller - "walk" the child on business, etc., but TIME is a long-term investment in that same hot coffee with pleasure in the child's wakefulness (not sleep) in the future. ⁣

2. STEP UP. ⁣
⁣Stay out of the way and sometimes just leave him alone. Observe him, pay attention to what skill he is trying to work on at that moment. There are so many processes going on around your child that he can't control and express his will. Think about how much you enjoy being constantly distracted from something you are concentrating on? ⁣

Children are capable of many things if given the opportunity. Trust them to carry a cup of tea from the kitchen to the room, trust them to pick out a toy for a walk. And then you will grow up to be an independent person.

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